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  • PDF Submit Button Javascript

    I need to know what javascript code will work with foxit for a submit button that will email the pdf as a attachment on an android phone. Acrobats email form doesn't work with Foxit (understandable because of Acroscript). I also tried this

    this.mailDoc(true, "",
    "", "" ,"Test");

    Works fine on pc but not mobile. There was someone else who had the same question in the forum. The answer was never posted.

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    Also looks like your own pdf creator submit button doesn't work on mobile. I downloaded the latest standard version of phantom. I made a blank document, added 2 text fields, added a button with submit a form action, pdf export. Works fine on PC, but nothing on android running Foxit PDF. How does it not work with your own stuff....??


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      Hello...... anyone there????


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        Sorry, actually now Foxit Reader for Android does not support "mailDoc" Javascript, so there is no response when you click on the submit button.
        And I have forwarded your requirement to our team, they will consider it in future version, report ID:mobile-1017


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          Ok, can I make the document save restricted? I have an inspection form that employees must fill out each week. The file will already be on their mobile device. We need them to fill it out and email it but not be able to save it already filled out.


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            Do you want to create this kind of form in Foxit PhantomPDF with JS, then let that employees to fill in and email in android device, but disable the saving feature for the document?
            Which JavaScript do you use to disable the saving feature? Or can you send us the sample document with the feature for internal test?