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  • Bug iPad & app closing

    I've jut lost my work I've been doing for few hours. The recipe is simple: make annotations, switch to another heavy app(s) in order to make iOS to unload Foxit from memory and then try to open it again. The interesting part is that previous versions didn't have such problem. Even if I put some annotations and close Foxit manually by swiping it up in the app list without any saving it preserves its latest state. But if the app gets closed by the system it doesn't even remember the last app section (like docs or recent) and page I was on (even if I go to Save from that page) and just returns me far away. Interface changes are pretty cool but they are worthless if the app itself is glitchy.

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    I have encounter similar issue as well!
    It's very frustrating when all your hard works disappear.


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      Dear jdoe and miithefoxitlover,

      I apologize for any hassle and inconvenience this may cause for you.
      In order to get around such issue,our developers will add the "Auto-save feature"in our next major release of Foxit Mobile PDF for iOS 5.0 if everything goes well.
      The "auto-saveā€œfeature ID in our internal feature system is :MOBILE-903

      Then all the changes that we made in PDF file will be automatically saved regularly.
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        For this issue" Comments disappeared when I switch to another application and then went back to Foxit Mobile PDF for Android again "you reported,our developers will implement auto-save this new feature in our next release version of Foxit Mobile PDF for Android 5.1 if everything goes well.Then all the changes made in PDF file will be saved in a fixed time range to in case such issue happen again.
        The V5.1 will be expected to be released in August.You may give the V5.1 a try when it is launched.