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Foxit Mobile Reader now RUINED after update

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  • Foxit Mobile Reader now RUINED after update


    I've been using Foxit for a few years now. It *was* the best reader for .pdf documents. Now, it is virtually unusable. I had recently just finished integrating Foxit into a highly detailed workflow, syncing with Box, Google Drive, and set up to receive and drop .pdfs from Zotero. Only a couple of weeks after hours of effort to get it right, the workflow was completely ruined by the update. Firstly, why did you change the highlight colours? I have to standardise arguments in complicated texts and have used a colour code system. Now, I cannot change the default colour from light blue, now matter what I set it to in settings, and the standard orange (which was my previous default) is missing (though still available on desktop reader). But that's not all. Highlights disappear *even after saving*. If I want to save a highlight I have to exit from edit mode, click back, then save. Highlights already made will disappear if I attempt to highlight another line nearby. They will move position if I reopen the document, such that I have to delete *all* of them because they're no longer lined up with what I wanted highlighted. Often highlighting will not conform to the exact lines you wish highlighted (even though another reader manages just fine with the same file). Furthermore, often when I reopen an edited file, the highlights that do remain are doubled over as if I have highlighted them twice, or three times. If I'm editing an scanned .pdf and need to underline instead, I have to re-select my underline options every single time, and like the highlights, it's pointless because upon reopening an edited file, the underlines have moved position and I have to delete them all.

    I'm very disappointed, angry even. I was going to upgrade. Now I am looking for a new fully featured reader to escape the foxit nightmare. What a shame, it *was* so good. Who was responsible for this dog's breakfast?

    (version: V4.8.2.0317 for iOS, on iPad Air).

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    Not only that, but I wrote to Foxit from within the app using the 'send feedback' option, when I first used foxit after the upgrade and couldn't get it to highlight what I wanted. I got a notice in my email that I had received a ticket and would be answered shortly. That was *weeks* ago. I'm still waiting.......


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      Hi ashkz,

      We sincerely apologize for the trouble that our app may have caused to you and missing your post. We've reported the similar issue about missing annotations and wrong annotated position to our development team for resolution. To make sure you have the same case, could you please send us screenshots to show the issues like 'the highlights that do remain are doubled over'? And does the issue occur to all pdf files and could you possibly send us a sample file that could replicate the issue for testing?

      Your requirement about color of highlight function has been reported to our product team to re-design the colors.


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        Is it fix now?

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          Originally posted by scotbiddick
          I've experienced the same thing. Still waiting for a reply.
          The same here, if you get the answer, please post it. Thanks


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            it seems that this error hasn't been fixed yet. I had to get the previous version installed from the Web
            I tried this solution, it really worked.
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              Hi All,

              Foxit Mobile PDF 5.2 was just released to fix some major issues. Would you mind to give the update a try? Any other query, you could email to as well so that we could response in a timely manner.


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                Foxit Reader keeps crashing After Windows 10 avoid this issue, please go to File->Preferences->General to uncheck.


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                  Originally posted by williyamjoe View Post
                  Foxit Reader keeps crashing After Windows 10 avoid this issue, please go to File->Preferences->General to uncheck.
                  The crash issue in Foxit Reader for Windows had been fixed in later update. 'Show Advertisement' under File->Preferences->General to could be unchecked to solve the issue as a temp resolution. This option is available in Foxit Reader for Windows version but does not exist in Foxit Mobile PDF.


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                    Everything is very open and very clear explanation of issues.