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Feature request: New view mode for magazines with cover

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  • Feature request: New view mode for magazines with cover

    When viewing pdf's with a magazine type layout in the facing view mode, ideally you want the first page to be just the cover, and then all subsequent pages have the correct left/right pages next to each other.

    At the moment, viewing this kind of pdf on ipad doesn't work very well, as you're always seeing what should be the right-hand page on the left, next to the following page's left hand page. Any images/layout designed to cross over the spine can't be viewed properly.

    I've seen another pdf app that has a 'Cover' view mode, with an icon that's basically like your Facing view, but with a transparent outline for the left-hand page. It'd be great to get this in Foxit mobile reader!

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    Hi AndyHazz,

    Sorry, now Foxit Reader for iOS does not have the view mode " separate cover page in two page viewing mode", but I have reported your request to our team, they will consider in future version. Report ID:MOB-338