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android, wheel mouse support, viewing PDF files

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  • Feature android, wheel mouse support, viewing PDF files

    I use the android version on an android stick. I use a wheel mouse for most interactions and rarely a keyboard.
    Many applications support scrolling using a wheel mouse, such as dropbox PDF viewer, and web browsers.
    I do not seem to get any response to the wheel mouse when using Foxit android viewer.
    A common situation that works for me in other applications is a page of PDF, expanded to fill width on a wide screen.
    In this case i must scroll by small amounts down the page while reading.
    Currently i can drag the page down by pressing and holding the left mouse button.
    The scroll wheel mouse would be ideal, and perhaps not very hard to add support.

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    one more thought, a menu button to manually switch between landscape and portrait would also be great. I can put my widescreen TV vertical but the android does not support switching to portrait, since it is not a phone there is no sensor to cause the screen to rotate.


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      Hi Mikec,

      Thank you for your feedback. I have forwarded your requirement that support to view PDF files by wheel mouse in reader for android to our team, they will consider it, report ID:Mobile-1128

      For the button to switch between landscape and portrait , Reader for Android has the feature, please see the attached screenshot. click on Screen Lock, you can find the options.


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        thanks re scroll mouse.

        I tried the landscape/portrait control, but it has no effect. Maybe it is that the android operating system was built without support for rotation, so perhaps not an issue with your app.


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          +1 for wheel Mouse support for business Edition, please.


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            Thanks for your message, I have added your requirement to our team.