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  • FoxitMobileReade

    hai, Is there a way to work in FoxitReader on WindowsPC and sync with Foxit Mobile Reader if I want to work on the same doc in both without saving to a third party drive?
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    Dear rendeererlen,

    For this situation you mentioned,we suggest you use our Foxit MobilePDF Business (for Android or iOS) on your mobile device.
    Then you can sync documents between Foxit Reader on Windows PC and Mobile MobilePDF Business on mobile device through one cloud service(such as dropbox or google drive).

    In our Foxit Reader for windows desktop,you are able to access PDF files from cloud drive directly by clicking on "File"menu in Foxit Reader>"Open">"Add a place">choose "Google driver" or "Dropbox"there to open one PDF file from the cloud drive.
    Then all the changes that you made in the opened PDFfile will be saved into the original cloud drive directly when you save the document.

    In Foxit MobilePDF Business,it supports to synchronize documents between cloud server(such as dropbox and google drive) and your mobile device.