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Foxit Mobile will not connect over cellular data

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  • Foxit Mobile will not connect over cellular data

    I have tried on several different iPhones. I have triple checked that the app is allowed to use the cellular data network. and yet no matter what I do the app complains "Unable to connect. Please check your internet connection." LTE Internet is working for every other app. Is this by design ? Or am I missing a way to enable this. Thanks.

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    Dear digger662,

    Sorry for any trouble that our product may have caused you.I failed to replicate such issue that you mentioned on my part.
    Please help to send us the following information for further analysis:
    1:Your iphone device mode(such as iphone7) and its iOS version number.
    2: Do you use Foxit Mobile PDF for iOS or Foxit MobilePDF Business for iOS?And please give us its version number.
    3: Did you just click on the "Wi-Fi+Cellular Network"item which is below the "Auto Sync" under "Settings" in your Foxit application when you got the unable to connect message?
    If not,please give us the detailed steps that you have done for replicating such issue.
    4:Your location and your cellular network provider.


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      hey diadian,
      I am also using foxit mobile only..Mine is connecting in low network and wifi..May be you are using old version..Try latest version of foxit..