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Locking Zoom: Prevent page from moving from Right to Left || Freezing part of page

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  • Feature Locking Zoom: Prevent page from moving from Right to Left || Freezing part of page


    As someone who reads a lot of technical documents in pdf I would like to see the following features added:
    1. An ability to lock the current zoom level but which also prevents the page from moving horizontally as well; and
    2. A scroll like much like Microsoft's Excels' freeze pane; this would freeze the page at a particular point and allow scrolling through the rest of the document below that point. This which would help view figures/tables referenced in the text but presented earlier.

    With respect to 1 above this is an often requested but overlooked feature that has not to date been provided by PDF reader developers.

    Please consider including the above.


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    Lock Zoom function is already provided in Foxit MobilePDF. Clicking View and moving the tool backward, you will see the function like the screenshot attached.
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      And about the requested split screen feature? It can be done on the desktop version.

      It is a widely requested feature feature for PDF tablet users as per my searching on the web.
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        The split view/screen function is not supported in the app. Your requirement has been reported to our product team for evaluation with feature ID:MOB-366. We will consider to support the function in future update.