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How to Set Foxit as Default PDF App (Android)

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  • How to Set Foxit as Default PDF App (Android)

    Been using Foxit mobile since it was first released. Trying to use Foxit on a new Android 7.0 phone and when I tap on pdf files using something such as a file explorer, Kindle and Drive PDF Viewer are the only options.

    How is this accomplished? I can open Foxit and open pdf files that way, but I need the ability to have pdf files always open with Foxit.

    Thanks in advance,
    Beverly Howard

    Your system just discarded my response which I had been working on for over an hour to get you as much information as possible with the message "unapproved"

    In addition, I generated a number of screenshots but the attachment button is disabled.

    Beverly Howard
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    Dear bevhoward,

    I apologize for the inconvenience.For this situation you mentioned,we suggest you help to reinstall Foxit MobilePDF for Android by downloading it from Google play store and then try to tap on any PDF file to see if our Foxit MobilePDF for Android is listed in the recommended programs for opening PDF file?
    If so,please select the "Foxit MobilePDF for Android" option and then select 'Always use this application for opening such document’ there,then Foxit MobilePDF for Android will be set as default PDF viewer.

    If you still can not find the "Foxit MobilePDF for Android" in the recommended programs after you having tapped on a PDF file,please help to send us the following information for further analysis:
    1:Your Device model.
    2:The detailed version number of your Android OS.


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      Thanks for the quick response.

      Same problem on two devices, Moto G4 and Moto G5+ both running Android 7.0

      Confirm that Foxit MobilePDF for Android on both devices.

      Foxit was uninstalled on both devices and re-installed.

      I have screenshots from each device showing relevant screens including the info you requested about the android version numbers.

      However, the attachment button is disabled and I cannot include the. Please tell me how to get them to you.

      Thanks in advance. Looking forward to a resolution,
      Beverly Howard


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        Your system just discarded my response which I had been working on for over an hour to get you as much information as possible with the message "unapproved"

        In addition, I generated a number of screenshots but the attachement button is disabled.

        Beverly Howard


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          bevhoward ,You haven't activated your account yet after you registered it,that is the reason why you can not attach screenshots before. Now I have already manually helped you to add your account into the activated users group on our forum to make your account to be able to attach screenshots.
          I have also received the issue you reported in our ticket system with ticket ID#161380.I will follow up the issue in our ticket system.Please check your inbox for updates about this issue.


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            This forum appears to be very broken... multiple days, no way to respond to YOUR request for additional information.


            The problem exists on a Moto G4 and a Moto G5+ running android 7.0
            I confirm that the problem exists with Foxit MobilePDF for Android
            I have uninstalled and reinstalled Foxit MobilePDF for Android
            The attached images have the detailed information that you requested from the device's phone settings page.
            In addition the files show that Foxit is not an option to open PDF files on both devices
            The Moto G4 also includes ESFile Explorer's PDF "Open As" apps list that includes 51 apps but not Foxit

            Your Bug Ref: ID#MOBILE-2257

            Unfortunately, the forum will not allow me to post attachment images

            Hope fully this is sufficient information. If not, please contact me for any additional help you may need.

            Beverly Howard
            Attached Files
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              bevhoward ,You haven't activated your account yet after you registered it,that is the reason why you are unable to attach

              In case it helps others with the same problem, I just checked my email logs and I never received an "activation email" for this forum. As far as I can determine, there is no other way to "activate" an account.

              I had no problem posting the original message, but all subsequent attempts to post resulted in "unapproved" and as far as I could see, even text only messages were refused although they are now visible.

              Thanks for your attention to this issue.

              Beverly Howard


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                Dear Beverly Howard,

                Apologies for the delay in responding since we just came back from Spring Festival holiday. In your new post,you have received the screenshot which means that you
                are now able to post images on our forum.
                Thanks again again for sending the requested information for us.As I have mentioned,this issue has already been submitted to our internal bug tracking system with
                report ID#MOBILE-2257.I will keep you informed for any updates about it or you may also write back to with this report ID#MOBILE-2257 to track its processing status.

                Concerning the situation"I never received an "Activation emails" for this forum",I will feed this situation back to Forum engineering team for further investigation and fix.


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                  The problem described in this thread is that there is no way to open PDF files stored on the Android device by "association" For example, tying to open a PDF file using a file explorer.

                  I subsequently noticed that when a PDF file is attached to an EMail in the GMail or when a file is downloaded when using Chrome, those processes generate a different dialog box that does include Foxit as an option to open the file.

                  However, once a PDF file has been downloaded, there is no way to open the file using other apps such as a file explorer.

                  Hope that this information is helpful.
                  Beverly Howard


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                    Dear bevhoward,

                    Thanks for the updates.I have also forwarded the new information you sent to our QA team. Any updates about this issue,I will keep you informed.


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                      bevhoward ,We have released a new version 6.2 of Foxit MobilePDF for Android which has been expected to rectified the issue you reported.Would you please hep to give it a try at your convenience and let us know the result. You may download the latest version from Google play store.


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                        Hi, is it available for iphone ios?


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                          Explorer Whiz

                          Did you mean setting Foxit Reader for iOS as default PDF viewer in your iPhone? If yes, I'm afraid that currently it is not supported. But you could choose to Open In Foxit MobilePDF Reader. (E.g. If I got a PDF attachment in my mail box on iPhone, I could long press on the PDF attachment icon, then choose open with Foxit MobilePDF Reader.)