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Bookmarks made on iPad not found on Foxit on Windows PC

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  • Bookmarks made on iPad not found on Foxit on Windows PC

    While I am very very happy to see that the PC version of Foxit now stores Bookmarks and views Bookmarks the same way as Adobe Acrobat....

    .... now Bookmarks made on the iPad are not visible in the Foxit PC version. And Bookmarks made on the PC are found in the Oultine on the iPad version.

    I have the latest versions of both.

    How to solve this problem?

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    Grant837 Sorry for the trouble. Can you please provide the sample pdf file to us for testing? And, may I know how did you create bookmarks in Foxit Ipad version? It would be appreciated that if you can provide detailed information as much as possible, thanks.
    If there is any privacy info. Can you please click HERE to submit a ticket to us? Thanks.


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      Hi, attached is the file I used to test bookmarking (and textbox, typewriter and comments). It was created by printing to PDF using MS Word. All the bookmarks/outline items where added later using foxit PC or mobile(ipad)

      I created the bookmarks on the ipad by clicking on the bookmark icon in the upper right, and then editing the name
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        Grant837 Actually, I can see bookmark you made on the file sample by using Foxit PDF Editor 11.X.


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          Echo Mu I am not sure what you are saying? My problem is with making and seeing book marks between the iPad reader, and the Windows based reader. Both can make bookmarks, but those made with the Windows reader show under outline on the iPad, and those made on the iPad do not show in the Windows Reader.
          Yes, you will see bookmarks in all cases, but those you see on the PC where made on the PC, not the iPad.


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            We apologize for any difficulty using Foxit Software.
            Currently, the bookmark is not fixed between Mobile and Window, however, the next major update V12 will completely get through the limitation of Windows and Mobile, which means no matter where the bookmark is generated, you will see that in the multiple platforms. Please pay attention to the update this month, thanks!


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              Roy_Chen this is great news! With every release Foxit comes closer to being my default PDF tool on all platforms! I think you are very responsive to the feedback from your users, and that is valuable too!