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How do I get Foxit Cloud back?

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  • How do I get Foxit Cloud back?

    After the recent update I found that the Cloud had (yet again) disappeared from Reader. I can find no Cloud plug in, or reference to the Cloud anywhere in the program. It is not in Files / Options. How do I get it back please?

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    clayto ,Would you please help to check in preferences dialog box to see if Foxit Cloud is disabled? If it is disabled,please enable it by doing as follows:
    Go to "FILE"menu in Foxit Reader>"Preferences">"Foxit Cloud">please make the option"Always show cloud tab"to be selected>click"OK"button to save the setting.
    Then please restart your Foxit Reader,Foxit Cloud tab should appear and you may also find the "Foxit Cloud"option under"FILE"menu.


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      There is NO REFERENCE AT ALL to Foxit Cloud in Preferences, in File or anywhere else in Foxit Reader --- which was the case when the same thing happened before. There is nowhere to carry out the actions you refer to, nothing that says 'Always show cloud tab'.. Frankly, if I had found anywhere to enable Cloud I would have enabled it!


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        As I keep saying, Foxit Cloud is not anywhere to be found --- there is no reference to it at all in Preferences. I cannot 'enable' it if I cannot see it!


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          clayto ,
          For this situation you mentioned,firstly please help to navigate to your Foxit Reader main installation folder,somewhere like:
          "C:\Program Files\Foxit Software"
          "C:\Program Files (x86)\Foxit Software"
          please open"plugins"folder there,and then help to find if you can find "DocoShare.fpi""FoxitCloud.fpi""FoxitCloudLogi n.fp i"these three files there. Please refer to mine:files.jpg.
          If those three files are not there,please manually downloaded these three files from the following link:
          [url] Cloud[url]
          You have to unzip'"Foxit Cloud' to get those three files, and then place the downloaded three files into plugins folder.

          Secondly,please click on "HELP"menu in Foxit Reader>"About Foxit Plug-Ins"to open the 'About Foxit Plug-Ins'dialog box to check your Foxit Cloud plugin version number and check its status(loaded or disabled).If it is disabled,please enable it. Please refer to mine: plugin.jpg.

          Thirdly,please help to go to "FILE"menu in Foxit Reader>"Preferences" to open "preferences"dialog box to check if the Foxit Cloud tab is there. If you can find "Foxit Cloud"tab there now,please choose option"Always show cloud tab">click"OK
          to save the setting.Please refer to mine:cloudtab.jpg.

          If the above workaround doesn't help,we advise you try to uninstall your existing Foxit Reader and then install a fresh one by downloading a new installer from our official download center below:

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            Thank you for your detailed response (and explanation of why I was not getting a response earlier). Unfortunately the link you provided, to get the missing fpi files, does not work. I have used Copy / Paste in three different browsers, which cannot find the page. Presumably there is an error iin the url? Please advise.


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              great post. thanks for sharing.
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                Please download it from the following link.

                [url] Cloud[url]


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                  Please read this blog its getting help of you .


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                    Hi, I am new user in Foxit so, can you tell me that how to use Foxit and how does work that?

                    All suggestions are appreciated


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                      Thanks for using Foxit Software.To know how to use Foxit application,we suggest you refer to related application's user manual.You could download user manuals from the
                      page below:
                      Any further questions or concerns about our Foxit Software,you may write to directly for further troubleshooting and solution.