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  • PDF Form Text Box Format

    How do you centralise text in PDF form text boxes when you allow multi-line text spacing? If the input is only 1 line long it’s offset slightly upwards in the box when multi-line is selected and looks really strange. If I don’t tick the multi-line box it defaults to the middle and looks great, but half the text isn’t visible if the input is long. I can’t figure out how to adjust the text position inside the box. Any ideas?

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    Would you please try the option as the below screenshot to see if helps?
    You can double click on text field by Select>Select Annotation tool to get the properties dialog box.

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      Thanks for such a quick response! I realise now that my original description of the problem wasn't very clear. It's the vertical alignment of the text I'm struggling with. I've attached an image I hope helps show the issue. The only difference between the setting for these text boxes is that the multi-line tick box has been checked in the one on the left. How can I adjust the vertical position of the one on the left so it looks like the one on the right without switching multi-line option off?

      Click image for larger version

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        Thank you for your screenshot. Sorry, now Foxit cannot align the text within the field box by top, bottom and center (vertical alignment). But your request has been submitted to our team, they will consider it in future version. ID#PHANTOM-1638.


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          lyndi_wu Ok no worries. Thanks.