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    I'm brand new to this program and hoping it may be what I'm after.
    With only 30 days to figure this out, I'm going to ask before I waste any time searching for something that may not be here.
    So here I go:

    Measurement tool;
    Be it area, lineal or count, must have continuance.
    Simply put, I must be able to measure one room, then 'continue' in another with one total measurement.
    Example: I measure a room of baseboard, then 35 more, I want a single total of 'all' rooms for baseboard.

    Integration with Excel:
    This is a must for me.
    If I take a measurement I require it to enter into a cell in Excel.
    I know this takes 'me' setting a cell focus and have done so in my Excel template.
    My Excel program is ready to receive, Can your program send?

    With only starting into your program, I will not push for 'full' integration to an Excel Template, as a <start data> feature which would push the entire report to an Excel sheet.
    I can work with the above for now.

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    Dear Robertnh,

    Thanks for trying out Foxit PhantomPDF.
    Regarding the total measurement suggestion,it has been submitted to our internal feature system with suggestion ID#PHANTOM-6140, so that our product marketing team will do further consideration on this.

    Concerning the request"Integration with Excel",do you mean that you want to choose a measurement that you have already drawn in PDF file and then input the measurement into excel document?
    If so,we would like to know that how you want this feature to be implemented in Foxit PhantomPDF and excel application,so that weill pass it on to our developers for perusal.

    Look forward to your reply.


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      Yes, if we could store all "data" from lengths or areas and export them to excel at once that would be great.


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        Originally posted by digger662 View Post
        Yes, if we could store all "data" from lengths or areas and export them to excel at once that would be great.
        Dear digger662,

        Thanks for your reply. Concerning this request,we would like to know that how you could take a measurement into a cell in excel document? It is better if you can send us one PDF file sample and one excel file sample.
        And give us the whole work flow that you like to implement this feature?