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    downloading 7.2.2 thank you!


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      This sucks.

      How do I find and install the classic interface?

      Tonight, Foxit went crazy. I noticed that something was eating my wifi bandwidth. When I double-clicked on a '.pdf' file, I couldn't even recognize it -- it was that different. Awful. Awful. Awful. Also, I immediately had network problems. Also, my VirtualBox Linux guest operating system started screwing up. I uninstalled version 7.2....something and dropped back to ver It has the awful interface too. How did that happen?

      I'm going to uninstall ver and purge the Windows Registry of any/everything "Foxit" and try again. It's almost 3:30 AM here. I'm not too keen about being up all night. I'll log back in after I've done the purge and reinstall.

      Anyone who can help in the mean time, I'll be back here in the morning.

      This sucks.

      I purged the Windows Registry and installed version, which I had saved from a prior download. Things are back to normal.

      Kindly excuse the interruption. You may now return to your regularly-scheduled program.

      Oh, PS: I see no way to prevent Foxit from updating itself, so I am blocking it at the Windows Firewall. To do that, you first have to make the Firewall non-permissive. It is permissive by default. Making it non-permissive is not easy. Basically, you have to set it to block connections both inbound & outbound, then craft permissions that allow Windows Update (and other desired applications) to penetrate the firewall. Microsoft does not make this easy. If you want to learn how to do this, ask here (or better yet, PM me).

      Ciao - Mark Filipak.
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        I need advice, please...
        What version is the latest that still allows me to select the classic menu? And how to I select it?

        I figured out what happened ...I think!

        I had last installed Foxit Reader ver
        Sometime later I apparently allowed Foxit Reader to update to ver 7.2.<...something>. That was fine.
        Yesterday, I launched Foxit by double-clicking on a '.pdf' file and discovered that the interface had changed. I have no idea how that happened.
        I posted here, then uninstalled Foxit Reader, then installed ver It had the awful interface, too! I have no idea why -- it didn't used to have the awful interface.
        So I dropped all the way back to ver in order to get rid of the awful interface.

        Apparently there was some sort of switch to select classic -vs- awful, and it somehow got switched. I didn't do it. Perhaps the auto-update did it. (This sort of thing is why I reject Win10 and am switching to Linux as VirtualBox Host and WinXP as Guest sans networking.)

        What version is the latest that still allows me to select the classic menu? And how to I select it?

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          Sorry for the inconvenience. The latest version of Foxit Reader that allows to select classic menu is version 7.2.8, you can download it from the following link;

          After install,please run Foxit, go to File>Change toolbar mode to select classic mode.


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            Oh no. I jumped on the upgrade path, only to find that the user interface has been turned into a complete ribbon-mess. Please give me back the good, old-fashioned toolbar which doesn't waste my screen real estate.