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Feature Request: Additional Parameter(s) for Opening PDF Files

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  • Feature Request: Additional Parameter(s) for Opening PDF Files

    Dear foxit development Team,

    thank you for your great Software! I'm working both with PhantomPDF and the foxit reader and they work as a charm.
    Only there is a feature we are missing: additional Parameters for opening pdf files. If one Looks into the Adobe Acrobat SDK 8.1, foxit does not support all Parameters stated there. The parameters I am looking for are in particular "search=wordList". Another parameter which may be required in the future would be "nameddest=destination". It would be great to see at least the Parameter "search=wordList" supported in the near future!

    Best regards,

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    Dear Bernhard,Thanks for using Foxit Reader.Would you please help to describe what are those two parameters used for in commandline for opening PDF file,so that we will help you to pass your request on to product marketing team for their reference.


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      Dear Lisa,

      thank you for the fast answer. I will further clarify my request. Keeping aside the technical solution I proposed the last time, let me first clarify what we need from user requirement side:

      The Optimum solution:

      Upon opening a pdf file, we need the possibility to open a particular Bookmark defined by ist Name. Let's say we have a Bookmark "Chapter 1 - Introduction" in a pdf file, so we would need to pass an opening Parameter something the like:

      with the string "Chapter 1 - Introduction".

      Thus, the corresponding Bookmark in the file would be opened and ist Action be executed (with the same behaviour as one clicks with the mouse on the Bookmark)

      Alternative solutions

      After having looked into existing Solutions,I could not find a solution like that elswhere defined. In the Adobe Acrobat SDK 8.1, which can be found here,, there are other Parameters that may be exploited to achieve a similar behaviour. This would give room for alternative Solutions with similar behaviour. Maybe one of them is easier for you to implement, this is why I outline them too, in the following:

      Alternative Solution a) based on search function, in order to achieve about the same behaviour
      Quoting from the SDK,

      search=wordList Opens the Search panel and performs a search for any of the
      words in the specified word list. The first matching word is
      highlighted in the document.
      The words must be enclosed in quotation marks and separated by
      spaces. For example:
      #search="word1 word2"
      You can search only for single words. You cannot search for a
      string of words.

      Looking at the last sentence, the parameter for search=wordList as defined in the Adobe SDK does not fully support my request. Contrary to what is stated in the last sentence of the quotation, I would need the option to search for a string of words, i.e. a sentence, something like "Chapter 1 - Introduction", and not for the words from that sentence individually. So, the Parameter would be more like searchstr=string, where string can be e.g. "Chapter 1 - Introduction".

      Alternative solution b) based on named destinations, in order to achieve about the same behaviour for future documents
      For the other Parameter nameddest=Destination, the current view should jump to the Position in the file where that named Destination is defined (similar to a Bookmark).

      This solution would require another Feature from your side: The generation of Named Destinations from Bookmarks in a pdf file, e.g. through file menu. This means that for all existing Bookmarks in a pdf file, named destinations would be automatically generated for all bokmarks, with the same name and Position as the corresponding Bookmark. Given that, we could easily provide named destinations to our documents (generated from MS word and other Office Software without named destinations), and then open a particular Bookmark through that named Destination.

      I hope I managed to be clear,

      thank you very much in advance,
      with best regards



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        Dear Bernhard ,

        Thanks for your reply with detailed explanation.Our Foxit PhantomPDF also supports to open a PDF document with a command to specify exactly what to display and how to display it.
        The commandine is:
        <Foxit Reader Path> "<PDF path>" /A "<parameter>=<value>" "<parameter>=<value>"..
        Currently,the supported parameters are as follows:

        nameddest=destination open the position in the file where that named Destination is defined
        page=pagenum Turn to the target page. (foxit Reader /A page=5 c:\myPdf.pdf)
        zoom=scale Zoom the PDFs. (foxit Reader /A page=5 zoom= FitPage c:\myPdf.pdf)
        pagemode=bookmarks Open the bookmark panel in the Navigation Pane.
        pagemode=thumbs Open the thumbnail panel in the Navigation Pane.
        pagemode=layers Open the layers panel in the Navigation Pane.
        pagemode=none (default) Close all the panels in the Navigation pane.
        fdf="fdf path" Open the FDF file. <PDF path> /A <xfdf path>
        toolbar=1|0 Show or Hide Tool Bar.
        statusbar=1|0 Show or Hide Status Bar.
        navpanes=1|0 Show or Hide Navigation Pane.
        reverse=1/0 view pages in reverse or forward order

        Currently,our Foxit PhantomPDF still doesn't support the ‘bookmark’ and ‘search’ parameters in commandline for opening PDF file.
        I have submitted the requests"support the 'Bookmark=string' parameter to open a particular Bookmark " and "support the “searchstr=string”parameter to open the Search panel and performs a search for specified string" to our internal feature system with suggestion ID#PHANTOM-6136 andPHANTOM-6137.

        And there is still no way for our Foxit PhantomPDF to create a named destination in PDF file. I also have submitted the request"support to read and create named destinations in PDF file"as a new feature to our internal feature system with suggestion ID#PHANTOM-654.
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          Dear Lisa,

          thank you for your initiative half a year ago. Now, may I ask what the status of the feature requests you mentioned? My Company does not update to the newest version frequently enough for me to be able to check the features myself. We are still using version right now.

          Thanks in advance and best regards,


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            Dear BernhardR,

            I am sorry that the three features that you reported all haven't been achieved yet.You may also choose to write to with suggestion IDs(PHANTOM-6136 ;PHANTOM-6137;PHANTOM-654) to track the status of these features in future.