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  • Feature Insert Copy-Programming Code-Button

    I want to create interactive pdf-book.
    I need to insert fragments of code, with Copy buttons.
    For user can copy the fragment easy into Clipboard.
    Text with colors and different fonts (hightlighted) must to be copied as plain text
    to insert it easily to development framework.

    Can I do that with Foxit?
    Can I highlight programming code automatically in the pdf with Foxit?

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    Did you mean that you'd like to copy the code from the programming program and paste it into a PDF document? If you did, you may try to copy the code, then open the PDF document->go under "Comment"->"Typewriter" then click on where you need to paste then do the pasting. Please give it a try.

    If I misunderstand what you meant, please feel free to correct me. Thank you.


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      Opposite direction!
      I want to copy from PDF.
      I want to make cookbook for programmers, with easy way to copy fragments of code from it.
      Click button bn PDF near fragment - and the fragment is in Clipboard


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        ‚ÄčTo copy from PDF, you may go under "Home"->"Select Text" then drag around the text you'd like to copy, then press Ctrl C then open another program, then press Ctrl V. Another way to copy from PDF is to use the "Snapshot" tool, you may go under "Home"->"Snapshot" then drag around the area then press Ctrl C and open the destination program, press Ctrl V to paste.