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Adding Rows to Tables in PDF Editor

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  • Feature Adding Rows to Tables in PDF Editor


    I have been trying to find out whether it is possible to add rows or columns to tables within PDF files generated from Microsoft Word? I have a file with 5 rows, but want to add rows in case of extra entries.


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    Please go under "Comment"->use the line tool in Drawing or go under "Edit"->"Add Shape Objects'->use line or rectangle and see if it helps.


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      This would be a great solution for me, except that shapes/lines do not appear to snap to grid. I would like to create all content within PhantomPDF, however, there does not seem to be a way to replicate a simple Excel table. If I hand-position each point of a rectangle shape, aside from being painstakingly annoying (because it won't snap to grid), the result will never be as clean as importing from Excel. Form fields snap fine, is there a reason why shapes do not?
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        The feature Snap to Grid is working for creating text field, for your request, may I suggest you to use Text field to create rows or columns?
        You can go to Form>Text filed to create a field, set its properties, and set as default, then right click on the text field, select Create Multiple Copies to see if it helps.

        Or you can create the table in Office word, after convert to pdf file, please try the feature Run Form Field Recognition under Form menu to see if it helps.