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    I have to make a link to Contents page on every page of a book (it is a manual with many chapters and subsections in PDF format). I can create the link on one page in Adobe Acrobat CC and simply copy it (the rectangle link), and then paste it on every other page. When I do the same in Foxit Phantom PDF there is copied the rectangle only and no information regarding the link. So I have to go the whole procedure (Edit>Link>Go to a page view>Set this position) on every page of the book which takes much, much more time.
    Could you improve the Foxit Phantom PDF that links were copied and pasted with full information about the link?
    An option "Paste in Place" also would be welcomed.

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    Please send us the PDF in question and let us know which part you tried to copy and paste so we could test it on our side and better advise. Thank you.
    If it is inconvenient to upload the PDF document here, you may email to Thank you.


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      There is no need to send any file, bacause the problem concerns every PDF file. Perform a simple test and you will see what I mean.
      1. Take any PDF file which has three or more pages.
      2. Go to page no. 2 and create a link to page no. 1 [Edit>Link>Go to a page view (choose page no. 1)>Set this position].
      3. Save the file (in fact, there is no need to save the file at this stage of the test; you can do it or not - it doesn't matter).
      4. Copy the link from page no. 2.
      5. Go to page no. 3 and paste the link.
      6. Save the file and deactivate editing link (for example, clik Home tab and then click Hand).

      Now, test the links.

      7. Go to page no. 2 and click the link... and you are redirected to page no. 1. It works OK.
      8. Go to page no. 3 and click the link which you copied from page no. 2 earlier... and nothing happens; you are not redirected to page no. 1. The link is dead (non-active).

      When you perform all the test in Adobe Acrobat CC you will be redirected to page no. 1 after clicking the link on page no. 3. In other words, links retain activity in AACC when they are copied and pasted and don't retain it in Foxit Phantom PDF. I think it should be improved.
      (I am not a fan of AACC. I resigned from it because I don't like subscriptions, and I bought Foxit Phantom PDF Business. There are things that Foxit does better than AACC).


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        This issue could also be replicated on our side and have been reported to our internal bug tracking system for QA team and Dev team's further investigation. Report ID#:77849. You may email to with the Report ID# to track the processing status any time. Thank you.