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Placing a stamp more than once v7.3.0.118 FoxIt Business

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  • FAQ Placing a stamp more than once v7.3.0.118 FoxIt Business

    Recently our company has upgraded most of its' users to the FoxIt Business version because of compatibility issues with some encrypted PDFs.
    Anyways, one of our employees recently noticed that we cannot do something with a stamp that we could with our old version.
    Once selecting a stamp, you can only place it once before you're returned to your cursor.
    So, you'd have to either select the stamp again on the toolbar, or copy/paste it.
    Is there a shortcut or something we're missing that we can use to place the stamp several times in a row instead of re-selecting or copy/pasting?
    Thanks for the help,

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    Of course, the second after posting this, I started poking around in FoxIt again and what'dya know!? I figured it out lol.
    For anyone else wondering how to do this, here's how:
    Select your stamp and before placing it down, to the right of the stamps toolbar is the 'Manage Comments' toolbar.
    There is a checkbox there labeled 'Keep Tool Selected'.
    Check this box and you'll be able to stamp to your hearts desire.
    Thanks and goodluck!


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      Yes, the "Keep Tools Selected" will keep one the tool selected and you don't have to select the tool every time. Thanks for your sharing.