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  • 3D viewer in Foxit

    Hello Team,

    Could you please confirm whether we can read U3D or 3D PDF files in Foxit PDF reader applications? If yes, please share the steps required.

    Thanks in advance.

    Warm Regards,
    Sathish Kumar. P

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    Hi Sathish,

    Currently 3D pdf files are not supported in Foxit. The feature has been reported to our product team for resolution with feature ID PHANTOM-5145 .
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      im waiting


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        We've been waiting since 2012.......


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          Hi All,

          After version 8.1, 3D plug-in is supported but the performance is not good enough to view the file. Currently it is a beta version and disabled by default. Anyone who want to give it a try could open the software and click Help -- Foxit Plug-ins to enable U3DBrowser plug-in. The development team are working on the feature and will improve the performance of the function soon in future version.


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            Any word on when this will be working properly


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              Jim OKeefe ,Our existing 3D plugin already support the U3D((Universal 3D) file format of 3D PDF files, but still does not support PRC (Product Representation Compact) file format of 3D PDF files.For PRC file format of 3D PDF file,it will just blank in the 3D area in PDF file when open it with our Foxit PhantomPDF/Foxit Reader.
              So the PRC file format support is the new feature and one of points of future works on our plugin.The request ID for supporting PRC 3D format is :PHANTOM-11078.You may write back to us with this suggestion ID#PHANTOM-11078 to tracking its processing status in future.