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Compatibility issues with Adobe Acrobat

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  • Compatibility issues with Adobe Acrobat

    I'm having an issue with some of the files I've either created or modified with Foxit Business PDF not opening with Adobe Acrobat. I get the following error message in Acrobat "There was error processing a page. There was a problem this document (18)." I can open the same files with no problem in Foxit but once I send them to other people - they are using Adobe and can't open the files. What can be done to fix this? Thanks.

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    Hi PWalker,

    Sorry for the trouble. Please help to provide us with the following info for further investigation;

    1. Please run Foxit, go to Help>About Foxit PhantomPDF to check the version you use.
    2. The original file before modify with Foxit and the pdf file after modify.
    3. What's detailed operation you have done to modify your file?
    If it is inconvenient to upload here, you may email the PDF document to Thank you in advance.


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      I am having the same issue. Lots of customers complaining some files don't open. They open fine on my computer with foxit. But my computer that only has adobe reader latest version says there is an error and can't repair. It is mostly with scanned files. Or if I select two jpeg and combine them into a pdf. Someone said it was to do with compression or something, where is the setting to turn off the compression. Or what other settings can cause this. They are very basic files.


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        Dear jesse003,

        I apologize for any hassle and inconvenience this may cause for you.As to this issue you mentioned,please help to send us the following information for further analysis:
        1:Please give us the version number of Foxit PhantomPDF which you used for creating scanned PDF file and combining two images into a PDF.
        2:The version number of Adobe reader you are using.
        3:Please send us the the original images that to be combined and combined PDF file for us to take a closer testing first.
        4:Take a screenshot about the error message you got when you tried to open PDF file with Adobe reader on your part.

        If it is inconvenient to upload documents here, you may email the PDF document to and indicate this thread link when you mail to us. Thank you in advance.


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          Hi Lisa,

          I have already uploaded the PDF. I already said I have used the the semi recent version of Foxit and I also tried the latest version of foxit and a version that seems to be beta or something?

          As I already said I did try with semi recent version of Adobe Reader when that did not work I updated to the very latest version. 20053. The error message is "There was an error opening this document. The file is damaged and could not be repaired."

          It is mostly word documents being converted not specifically image files. I really couldn't wait I think I will drop Foxit. I went and purchased another company's software and that is working fine for everything. I would like to get this resolved as my employees prefer foxit.

          I don't have access to the original files right now. Is that enough information to find the problem?


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            Dear jesse003,

            Thanks for your response.Did you uploaded the PDF files to so,please help to give us the ticket number.You should received an auto-reply if you write to The ticket number is listed in the Auto-Reply email subject.