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  • Feature Request enhanced save for PDF portfolios

    When annotating and bookmarking documents in a PDF portfolio, I have to work in opened copies of the respective sub-documents within the portfolio. The problem is that saving the changes to these sub-documents does not save the changes in the portfolio itself. I save my annotations frequently. Even though I might have saved my changes in my sub-documents, if it happens that Foxit stops working during the session all of my changes are lost, because the changes were not saved in the portfolio--only in the sub-documents. This is frustrating when I lose a lot of work that I had supposedly saved throughout my editing session. The obvious work-around is clumsy: for each save, save the sub-document, then switch to the portfolio and save it also, doing each save twice. This is disruptive to my concentration, as I find myself having to play to the idiosyncrasies of the software rather than to concentrating on my task at hand.

    Happily acknowledging the overall excellence of the Foxit PhantomPDF software, WHAT I REQUEST is that Foxit PhantomPDF provide a SAVE-ALL (or COMMIT-PORTFOLIO) command, along with a corresponding keyboard shortcut (similar to Ctrl+S) that does an orderly save of any opened portfolio sub-documents along with saving the portfolio itself. The purpose is that any saves to the edited documents be actually saved in case Foxit should stop working during the session.

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    Dear CheshireCheetah,

    Thanks for using Foxit Software.I have submitted the suggestion"Save of any opened portfolio sub-documents along with saving the portfolio itself"to our internal feature system for our product marketing team's references with suggestion ID#PHANTOM-6332

    For now,you may just try to switch to the tab which opened the PDF portfolio document itself after you having made any changes in the opened portfolio sub-documents ,and click on the "save"button on the quick access toolbar,then all the changes that you have made will be save to the PDF portfolio directly by just doing save one time.


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      Dear Super Moderator Lisa_lee,
      Thanks for the helpful workaround suggestion.
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