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Cannot embed font in new PDF created in PhantomPDF

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  • Cannot embed font in new PDF created in PhantomPDF

    Hi I am trying to get my head around PhantomPDF, and doing some testing to see if it does what I want. I cant seem to create a PDF with a specific font embedded.

    I am trying to create a simple PDF form with text fields, heres what Im doing:
    1) Start FoxitPhantomPDF 8.0
    2) File -> Create -> Blank
    3) Form -> Text Field and I drag out a simple text field
    4) All Properties - Appearance tab, then I choose PT Sans Narrow, which is a Google font I downloaded and installed locally
    5) File -> Save, save it as test.pdf

    If I then open the file in Foxit Reader, and look in Properties -> Fonts, it lists PTSansNarrow but there is no (Embedded) part at the end, so how do I embed the font in the PDF?

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    Embedding font into PDF feature we provided in PhantomPDF is to create PDF file when converting other document formats to PDF files. The following procedures will direct you to convert files into PDF file with embedded fonts:
    Go to 'file->Print Setup->choose’Foxit PhantomPDF Printer’->Properties->click"General"tab->click on"Edit.."button->"Fonts"->Check option ‘Embed all fonts ‘ “ And then click OK OK to convert document into PDF file.

    It must be mentioned that currently there is no way to input texts with embedded font type directly in Foxit PhantomPDF and our Foxit PhantomPDF also doesn't have the ablility to embed font into existing PDF files.


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      I'm checking if this is something you can add - it's been two years since this post and I still can't seem to add an embedded font. I am editing an existing PDF and want to add something in Arial. I need it to be embedded but there's no way to embed the Arial font. I did try to then "print" the PDF to a new PDF file, but that then mangles the PDF. It adds a white border around all the edges of the PDF, when the original PDF had graphics right to the page edges. So I can't use the print function - I just want to be able to add the new text to my existing PDF and resave it.


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        I know this is off subject, but I am going to do it anyway
        I have a combo box on my pdf that I have duplicated into another cell.
        Problem is, I don't know how to edit the text that is in it.
        Also, can anybody tell me how to add extra text lines.
        What I want to do, is select a product from a list of several items and repeat this on several cells.
        Your help would be greatly appreciated.
        I believe the original pdf was created with adobe, but I am not sure


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          I encourage you to provide the mentioned PDF document to by email. Please also include what exactly you'd like to edit in that PDF document so we could better advise. Thank you.