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  • Bug Ghost Images on PDF Form

    Hi- I recently scanned and created a PDF form. I opened the PhantomPDF editor and ran the notice of the PhantomPDF to make the form editable (sorry, new user, don't know the correct terms here). Anyway, I was successful in editing and filling in the blanks in the form via the "Add Text" feature. Everything went fine except somewhere along the editing process, I have ended up with a bunch of ghost images of the original text on the form (newly inserted text is OK).

    The images are like a little tiny piece of the bottom of the text shifted down just a small fraction. The images seem to be associated with each page (3 page form). I can somehow/sometimes Select the images (don't even know how I am able to do this) and then hit the Delete key and all of the images on that page disappear (that works for two of the pages).

    My problem is that one of the pages has a table on it (5 rows, 2 columns) -- and when I again, somehow, select the ghost images and hit the Delete key, the table disappears along with the ghost images. Can anyone give me an idea as to what is going on -- like where did these ghost images come from -- or maybe is there a way to recreate a table in PhantomPDF.

    ron in round rock

    ​P.S. Sorry, went back and looked again. The ghost images are created as a result of the "Recognize Text (make searchable/editable)" option offered by PhantomPDF when the form is first opened. Again, the PDF form was created by the Scanner (scanned image). The rest of my comments apply -- can delete the ghost images, but table also gets deleted on the 2nd page.
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    Dear roninrr,

    To delete image object in PDF file,please do as follows:
    Go to "Edit"menu in Foxit PhantomPDF>"Edit object">"Image",single click on the image to make it to be selected,then click on the “delete” key on your keyboard to delete the selected image.
    If the above procedures doesn't help,please help to send us the PDF file in which you want to delete image there for us to take a closer testing first.
    If it is not convenience to upload PDF file here,please mail it to and please indicate this thread link when you mail to us.


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      Lisa-lee - Thanks for the interest. Still doesn't work, so I am attempting to upload 2 attachments - one the original form and the other the form "after" PhantomPDF has done it's "Recognize Text (make searchable/editable" operation on the file/form. I can delete the ghost images on pages 1 & 3, but when I delete the images on page 2, the table at the top of the page is also deleted.

      SORRY, that didn't work -- got your 20,000 char limit error message (I don't know how to create a 20,000 byte PDF) -- I will try emailing directly.

      ron in round rock
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        Dear roninrr,

        Thanks for your reply.You may choose to upload documents to any cloud server(such as dropbox) and then share us with the links where we can access them.