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Problem with fonts at editing text

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  • Problem with fonts at editing text

    First, thank you very much for letting me join the forum, and greetings to all.

    Second, my apologies for the noob and ignorant question I want to ask.

    Third, my question is: I have Foxit Phantom PDF on spanish language, and when I onpen a file that has a lot of objects with text I am unable to write on then with the same font the text has. For example, I select an objetc that has text, and on some cases, the font name, looks normal like "Helvetica" or "Times New Romman", but on other cases, it looks like the following: "TQHDMF+Calibri-Bold(Embedded)". When that happens I cant type on the same font, and automaticaly it changes to another font (like if I dont have it).

    I am very confuse with this, and I am clueless at this moment. And selecting all objects to change their fonts its an option I can find (and I suppose it doesent exist either).

    Anyone has a clue or an advice from where I can start working?

    Also, I have all the Calibri fonts on the respective windows folder.

    Thanks in advance,

    Javier Laurido

    P.D.: I attach a screenshot showing the rare font name.

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    Javier Laurido

    Sorry for the inconvenience. Would you please help to send us a sample pdf file in question to <>for internal test?
    Thank you in advance!