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Expert Methods for Modifying Form Field Properties

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  • Expert Methods for Modifying Form Field Properties


    Is there an easy way to set font sizing to auto, but have a minimum size set?

    Is there any way to set "document-wide" settings for fields that could be applied to all fields? Has this been done before?

    Have you ever created a faster toolbar to have the properties available vs. the right click for each field? Or have you ever implemented a window pane with the settings?

    Thank you.

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    Dear VDBP,

    Regarding your first query,I have submitted the suggestion"Set a minimum size set when choose "auto"as font size in text form field" to our
    internal feature system with suggestion ID#PHANTOM-144.

    Concerning the second question,you may choose do as follows to see if it could meet your requirements:
    Create one form field in PDF file and set those settings that you like in form field properties dialog box.
    right click on the form field and choose"Use current properties ad New defaults".
    Then please choose to create new form field by using the same form tool,you will find that all of those properties that you have set in previous form field will be
    applied to your newly created form fields.

    Currently,we can only see form field properties in properties dialog box by right clicking on each field.