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Drag multiple jpg files into pdf

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  • Drag multiple jpg files into pdf

    I've been using Acrobat Pro for years to collate multiple pdfs and jpg files together into one document - I'm using the Foxit Phantom PDF trial to see if I can ditch Acrobat but can't make it do this. If I drag say 5 jpegs into the pages tree it looks like it is going to do it - the insert line appears between the pages I'm trying to drag to just like it does in Acrobat Pro - but instead of inserting the pages it opens each jpeg in its own tab and I have to open the pages tree on that tab to drag the new file into the main doc. Is it possible to do the drag and drop without this extra step, please?

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    Sorry that with current release it is unable to drag multiple jpg files into pdf directly . I’ve forwarded your comments as suggestion to our internal features tracking system to our team so this feature could be evaluated and added to our to-do list. Suggestion ID#: PHANTOM-7076


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      JPG is the most widely used image format, but we believe in diversity and won’t discriminate against gif, bmp, png and tiff files. So, feel free to convert them too with our tool. Drag and drop your JPG file, choose all the conversion settings you like, and download it with one click. The entire process is quick and very easy.


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        Thank you for your suggestion. I have forwarded it to our team for further investigation.


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          Paste them into PowerPoint, group them, right-click/ctrl-click and "save as picture"

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