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Convert Excel comments to notes in pdf

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  • Convert Excel comments to notes in pdf

    Hi all
    I am newbie, i want to create pdf file from excel but keep comments (in pdf become notes). I tried foxit phantom but can not convert, please give me your help. tks so much

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    Dear ThangTa,

    Thanks for using Foxit Software.To convert excel file into PDF file with comments included,please refer to "how to print comments in excel"in the following article:


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      Tks Lisa_li but i want to convert excel comments to notes in pdf not print comments


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        Dear Thang Ta,

        Thanks for your reply.In fact,the link that I gave you above already includes the instructions of how to make the comments to be displayed in converted document. Here I would like to sum up the steps for you again. Please do the following procedures:
        1. Open your excel document,click on the Review tab, in the Comments group, click Show All Comments.
        2:Click on the Page Layout tab, in the Page Setup group, click the dialog box launcher Button image next to Page Setup to open "Page setup"window.
        3:On the Sheet tab in page setup window, in the Comments box, click "As displayed on sheet">click"OK"to save the setting.
        Finally,please print the opened excel file with Foxit PhantomPDF printer into a PDF document or click on "Foxit PDF"tab>"Create PDF" in excel file to convert it into PDF file.
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          Dear Lisa,

          Tks for your reply, but after i did these steps the result only show the comments in pdf file (not convert to notes in pdf file). In attached file, there are 3 pictures (excel_comments.jpg, pdf_comments_actual_result.jpg, pdf_notes_desired_result.jpg).Can you give me different way ?


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            Dear ThangTa,I thought you just need to make the comments in excel document to be also included in the converted PDF file,that is the reason why I gave you those instructions. I am sorry that there is not any way to convert the comments in excel into notes in PDF file during conversion.
            You may choose to create a PDF file without including the comments from excel file,then manually add notes into PDF file by using the "Note"tool under "Comment"menu in Foxit Software.


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              Thank for the reply Lisa


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                Dear ThangTa, I have also submitted the suggestion"Able to convert Excel comments to notes in pdf" as a new feature to our
                product marketing team for future consideration with suggestion ID#PHANTOM-7600.
                So it may be considered in future versions.