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    Hi all!

    I need to create about 5 odd push buttons with displays next the them that shows the time when pressed. Any ideas? In addition,

    I also need to create 9 push buttons (numbers 1-9) that when individually pressed, displays the numbers in a display screen.

    Thanks in advanced

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    Not quite clear about your requests, do you want to create buttons to show time when you click on the buttons?
    The buttons can only be controlled within the existing pdf file, you want to show the numbers in a display screen, may I know where is the display screen?


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      see below link. hopefully this will help explain.
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        Thank you, it helps. I think it should be controlled by javascrpit. We will assign your requirements to our team for writing the javascript and contact you soon when it is available.


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          thankyou very much richell. is it possible to have a print button on there too so once finished, we can print the page?


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            @mitchyq28 We need to double check your requests, and please correct me if i misunderstood.
            1. When click the Push Button #1, you wish to display the system time on the right text field?
            2. You want to display the all numbers you selected in text field like Calculator?


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              @mitchyq28 attached is the demo file for your second request, hope it helps.
              Attached Files


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                Hi richell,

                yes this demo is perfect for the second request.

                In answer to your first request question, this is correct. if I push Button#1, then the time stamp will display in the text field #1 to the right. Push button #2, then display the current time in text field #2, so on so forth.

                If I could get them all on the one page, that would be perfect!! I really appreciate your help!!!!


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                  Any luck richell?


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                    Sorry for the delay, we were having the Chinese Festival Spring holiday for one week.
                    If my understanding is right, the system time(current time) is unique, one button is enough, why you want to create some many buttons to show the same system time?