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  • Custom dynamic stamp, toolbar, review options


    I am a new user to FoxIt PhantomPDF 8.1.1 on Windows 7, and all my previous experience is with Adobe Acrobat. Can you please provide some help with the following questions?

    1. Custom dynamic stamp - is there a way to create a dynamic stamp with custom text as well as <author name, date and time> capabilities? I am trying to re-created the dynamic "reviewed" stamp with an updated date format from the European format that is default.
    2. Is there a way to create a custom toolbar that could be imported across the department I'm in? I would like to do the work now and create all the customized items we need in foxit in a way that is easily imported for others to use as well without having to re-create on every other computer individually.
    3. I work in the accounting field, and we use review tickmarks (such as checkmarks, summation symbols, etc) on a daily basis when reviewing items. Are these symbols included in foxit or is there an ability to create an add-in for this use?

    All knowledge and help is appreciated. Thanks!

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    Hi dunnm,

    Thank you for choosing Foxit for your PDF solutions. Below are my replies:
    1. The date and time format of original reviewed template can not be changed, you can create custom dynamic stamp that allows you to add the format you need.
    2.It can be done by exporting it from one user and import it for other users.
    a. Please run Foxit PhantomPDF program>open “customize tools “dialog box>click “Customize Ribbon “tab>please click "Export" button under "Customizations" to export a "RibbonCustom.xml" file. This file have all the customized toolbar settings.
    b. Then please open "customize tools" dialog box for other users, and click "Import" button in "Customize tools/Customize ribbon" to import the "RibbonCustom.xml" that you have exported before.
    3. Here is the article for your info.