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Flatten to secure a PDF?

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  • Flatten to secure a PDF?

    Long story short, I am trying to send my clients our PDF files with settings that do not allow them to manipulate the content on the PDF itself, however, I do want to let them add watermarks, time stamps, etc. to the document.

    We tried loosening up the permission settings on the PDFs we send them, however, the settings turn out to be too tight still.

    Effectively, what we do is we convert our Word and Excel documents into PDFs, add a background, save as a PDF and then email it to the client. However, given the sensitivity of the data, we don't want them to be able to edit the text of the PDF itself. Using the permission settings is fine, but our clients need to add time stamps or comment on the PDFs when they receive them.

    Does anyone know any work around for this? I thought that flattening the PDF would do this but it doesn't appear to work as I can still edit the text.

    Thanks everyone!

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    Dear agianot,

    According to your request,I suggest you choose to add a digital signature in PDF file by doing as follows:
    Go to "Protect"menu in Foxit PhantomPDF>"Sign&Certify">"Place signature">drag and move your mouse on PDF page,then there would be a "Sign document" dialog box appeared,please choose a digital ID or create a new digital ID in the "Sign As"drop-down menu there,then uncheck the option"Lock Document After signing">click"Sign"to add signature there.
    Then please reopen the PDF file ,you will find that you will be unable to edit PDF documents in PDF (Tools under "Edit"tab are all grayed out)and it is allowed you to add comments and add time stamp.

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