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    Hi, I’m new and quite illiterate when it comes to protecting my documents. I’ve used the certificate protection to limit the use of my documents to read-only. I thought that was enough but then I noticed progs on the web that are able to remove the restrictions. I downloaded a free one and indeed, my Word document was completely reproduced in its original format. I’m still working with the Foxit Phantom trial. Has it something to do with that? I won’t pay for the full version if I cannot protect my documents adequately. Thank you for a solution.

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    Hi John,

    Which program do you use to remove the restriction? Is it a program like malware? Please send us its download link.
    And help to send us the pdf file which has the issue for further test,if it is inconvenient to upload here, you may email the PDF document to Thank you in advance.


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      Thank you for the quick response. I’ve used to. In the permission settings I've disabled 'enable copying of text...' and 'enable text access for...'. and checked 128-bit AES. Unfortunately, the documents are confidential, so I can’t forward them. But you might use this text instead. It's short but I'm not allowed to attach more than 20kb. Thank you.
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        John Halker

        When I open your attached pdf file, get the error"You do not have access rights to this encrypted document", and there is no output file when convert it via OnlineOCR.
        In addition,I create a file with certificate protection you described, see the attached pdf file, when convert it via Online OCR, there is no output file as well, see the attached screenshot.

        Would you please try my file to see if it happens?
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