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250 MB of images result in 1,4 GB PDF!!

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  • 250 MB of images result in 1,4 GB PDF!!

    I have 850 PNG images, scanned from a book. Their total size is 250 MB, When I use Foxit Phantom to create a PDF out of them, the resulting PDF file bloats to 1477 MB. Why? Shoutd the resulting file not roughly be equal to the input size?

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    Dear Aquinax,

    As to this situation you mentioned,we suggest you try to choose a smaller Image Resolution for your Foxit PhantomPDF printer before you convert images into PDF file again.Please do as follows:
    Open your system's "Devices and Printers",please right click on the "Foxit PhantomPDF Prin ter"there>choose"Printing Preferences" to open "Foxit PhantomPDF Printer Printing Preferences"dialog box,please choose"Smalles File size"for the "Default Settings"drop-down menu there,
    then choose a smaller Image Resolution there>click on "Save as Default"to save the settings.Please refer to attached screenshot:settings.jpg.

    After you having converted images into PDF file,you may also choose to use the "Reduce file size" and "Optimize Scanned PDF"functions under the "File"tab in Foxit PhantomPDF to reduce the PDF file size.
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