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  • Bug Save As not working properly

    Re Foxit Phantom PDF version (paid-for)
    Has anyone else encountered this?
    I create a PDF by combining a number of files, then I wish to save it in the folder I was using beforehand. In my previous version of Foxit Phantom, I was asked to save the file before it compiled, and was able to choose the destination folder from a list of previously-used folders, with the latest at the top. Now, the compilation proceeds first, then I have to select "save-as" to choose a folder. Some previously-used folders appear, but the latest one to be used does not appear, and in any case, if I click on one of the others, I am just taken back to "users/documents". I therefore have to go through the "browse" process to find the folder I want to save the file in. This isn't a critical error, but it's annoying and time-consuming. Is my program flawed in some way, or is this a general fault?

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    Dear Robert,

    Thanks for choosing Foxit as your PDF solution.Since version 7.2 of our Foxit PhantomPDF,our developers have changed the the workflow of creating PDF file from multiple files. The combined PDF file will be generated and opened with Foxit PhantomPDF automatically with "binder *" file name.
    The "Save as"dialog box will appear when you want to save the "binder*" file.The default folder for saving as the combined PDF file is the last folder which you have selected document to be merged there.For example,when you combine two files into one PDF file,you select A.pdf file form AA folder,and then select B.pdf from BB folder,you will find that the default folder for saving as the merged PDF file should be BB folder. If you need to switch back to V7.1 of Foxit PhantomPDF,please write to And indicate this thread link. Thank you.