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    First off, I have used Acrobat standard and pro for years because I didn't care for earlier version of Phantom. I downloaded a trial version of Phantom the other day and bought it within 24 hours. It's fantastic. Great features, nice MS style layout, and hopefully none of the problems that I was dealing with using Acrobat, plus a great price.

    I frequently page through 300 page documents, printing small batches from them as I proceed. I have found that clicking the page advance button is rather slow. When I'm working at my normal pace it only registers every other click.

    Second, and this is related to the process above, I would love to see a feature that allows me to quickly - via righ-click menu option or hot key/s - mark individual pages within a document for printing. That way, I could stop having to constantly open the print dialogue to enter in page ranges to print. I've tried running through documents and noting the pages on a scrap of paper, then entering the pages in the print menu all in one fell swoop, but that's a bit cumbersome as well.

    Other than that, I'm really happy with the product.


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    Thank you for choosing Foxit as your pdf solution.
    For the slow paging issue, what's page advance button you mean? Do you mean the Advance button in Foxit printing dialog box? Please help to send us the screenshot to show the issue.
    For the feature suggestion, would you please help to provide us more details for feature implementing ? How to mark pages for printing?