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General troubles with upgrading.

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  • General troubles with upgrading.

    I continue to have various troubles with upgrading PhantomPDF Business. All of our office workstations are set to automatic update, but it seems about half of them get automatically updated and half do not. I have to manually update these. I have not establish whether there is a pattern to this.

    When manually updating, I go to Help > About Foxit PhantomPDF > Check for Update. Most of the time I get the message, "Foxit PhantomPDF has already been in auto update mode with the option 'Automatically install updates' checked. Please install updates according to tips." What "tips"? I follow the advice in this post:, to get around this problem. That posting goes back to October, 2016, so this has been an outstanding issue for a while.

    After getting past that, I do get the "Foxit PhantomPDF - Update" dialog and can move "Foxit PhantomPDF Upgrade" from 'Available Updates' to 'Selected Updates'. Then I click next and get the 'Foxit Phantom PDF Updater' form showing the green progress bar. When that finishes, I get the message "The old version of following plugin(s) have been uninstalled, these plugin(s) require updates: OCR", with a button to "Download now".

    After clicking the 'Download' button, I immediately get the message, "Foxit PhantomPDF updater is running, the required plugins cannot be updated now, please check for update later from Help -> Check for update." However, in "Help > Check for update", no English OCR module is listed, so nothing OCR gets updated.

    Later, when a user goes to scan a document with OCR, she will get the message:

    "Download Components

    The OCR-public/OCR_efide component needs to be installed.

    This component will allow you to convert scanned or image-based content
    into selectable, searchable, and editable text.

    Please click Yes to download and install this component. You can also
    download it at a later time from the following link. After downloading,
    you can install it from 'Install Updates' on the Help tab.

    Note: Downloading the update requires an Internet connection."

    ... with a "Yes" button to download this addon. After doing so, OCR will work.

    All in all this is a very buggy, confusing and labor intensive procedure, and has taken me quite a few iterations to figure out the sequence necessary. Certainly if the updater invites one to download the OCR plugin, it should not immediately response with "cannot be updated". Furthermore, one is directed to download the addon from Help > Check for update, where no such addon exists!

    And, of least concern, if there is no additional addon to be downloaded (e.g. the user does not do OCR scanning), the Green Progress Bar screen shows not explicit feedback that the update is finished except that the 'Pause' button becomes an 'OK' button. How about something like "Update completed successfully. Press OK to finish."

    I had plenty of screen-shots to show all of the above, but after uploading the first one it apparently wiped out all my typed content and I could not get back to editing the post, so this forum needs some work too.

    Mark - OHPRS Tech Support

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    Dear OHPRS Tech,

    I apologize for any hassle and inconvenience this may cause for you.We have released a newer version 8.3.1 of Foxit PhantomPDF a few days ago.
    Would you please now try to check if your Foxit PhantomPDF could be update to the most current version 8.3.1 on your part?
    If there is still some problem,please help to email the problem with some illustrated screenshots to (Attn:Lisa). And indicate this thread link. Thank you.