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UAC popup when opening on some Win 7 Pro computers

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  • UAC popup when opening on some Win 7 Pro computers

    I just deployed PhantomPDF Business on my network, and as I've been going around to all of the computers, I've noticed that some when I open phantompdf give me a UAC prompt for both connectedPDF and for the -displayinbrowser plugin. I have the latest version 8.3 and all non of my users are local admins. I've also used GPO using the admin template to lock down the program. I also used the customization tool to include the license file. But its strange that some computers do not present this issue, and some do, when the users all have the exact same privileges. I tested this out before I deployed it to with a standard user account and it worked fine, that is why I'm puzzled. Any help would be much appreciated.

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    You can just simply and directly deploy the MSI installer package with an MST file without being assigned any default options in the Customization Tool. The Phantom MSI installer will self-register itself to be default to system and browser during the process of setup. Additionally define the default settings to the installer, might cause the above UAC prompt when the program was launched by a non-admin user, so please make sure the “Default PDF Viewer” options in GPO template are not configured. If it is enabled, it will trigger the UAC prompt as well.
    Please refer to this article for further help.