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FoxitPrinterProfile.xml - automating PDF printing

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  • FoxitPrinterProfile.xml - automating PDF printing

    What I need to be able to do is set the directory pdf files are being sent to and tell the Foxit printer not to prompt the user for any information. I need to do this programmatically.

    After doing some research it looks like the key is FoxitPrinterProfile.xml, located in "C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\Foxit Software\Foxit PDF Creator\Foxit PhantomPDF Printer".

    It seems that in previous versions of the Foxit software you could update this file and it would do what I wanted it to do. I am using Foxit PhantomPDF (Business) Version on Windows 10.

    Whatever I put in this XML file FoxIt ignores. If I go into the Foxit PhantomPDF Printer Printing Preferences I can set my setting there and it will create a new FoxitPrinterProfile.xml. When I do this the basic behavior I am looking for works. Everything sent to the printer prints to the default directory, I am not prompted for the user name and the resulting pdf file is not opened.

    The problem is that I cannot edit the FoxitPrinterProfile.xml (or the other XML files it creates for other options) to change any settings. This is important because I would like to encrypt some PDF's with a password and the password would need to be different for each file.

    From what I can figure out is the problem (or feature depending on how you look at it) I am having lies with a section of the XML file in the sign tags <Sign>adfJLKJFASDFcndskI ...</Sign>

    My guess is that FoxIT is using this signature to determine if anything in the file has changed. If something has changed Foxit ignores the XML file and defaults to the normal operation of the printer. Thus completely removing the functionality I need.

    My question is if anyone has found a workaround for this? Or am I just missing it completely and coming to the wrong conclusion? Is there a setting to ignore signatures and follow the XML file?

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    Sorry that the current mechanism does not allow you to programatically set the file name and file location with no user dialog.From version 8 and on, customers are unable to edit the .xml file directly. You need to modify it by the printing preferences via the 'Devices and Printers' dialog.
    If you have many users need to work with the same parameters, you can distribute the result .xml file for them.
    Anyway, I have reported your feedback to our team for reference, report id:PHANTOM-7881, any update, I will keep you informed.