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List Box in form not working

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  • List Box in form not working

    I created a List Box for a form with three entries: {SPACE}, Item1, Item2. The {SPACE} item is so the box is blank when viewed. I saved the form but when I tab to the form field or click on it directly, the list does NOT appear. It acts like a plain text box. Am I missing something?

    I don't know what I did, but it appears to be working now. "Curiouser and curiouser", said Alice.
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    Dear PeaceLuth,

    Thanks for your post.If the issue happen again,please help to send us the PDF form file sample and take a screenshot to show us what you can see when you tab to the form field and click on it for us to to take a closer look at first.To make a screenshot, please press 'PrScrn SysrRq' on the keyboard, then go to 'Start'->'All Programs'->'Accessories'->'Paint'->press Ctrl V to paste and save.