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Printing document automatically redacts. How to turn off?

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  • Printing document automatically redacts. How to turn off?

    Occasionally, when printing a scanned document from PhantomPDF, parts of the document are redacted. I've found no settings under either Protect > Redactions (which has "Unprotect Redactions" turned off), or Protect > Sanitize Document (which has a red X through that icon). I am using version See the black boox on the image. The user did not knowingly set anything. As I still do not have authorization to post attachments, you can see the example here:

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    Hi OHPRS Tech,

    Sorry that I could not open the image. It seems more like a printing issue. Could you please check the option 'print as image' in print dialog box and see if it makes any difference? If not, could you send below information to

    1 The printer you use to print.
    2 Screenshots to show all the settings in Print dialog box.
    3 The file in problem for testing.
    4 Your O.S type, like Win7, 64 bit.


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      The "Print as Image" option works. I'll look forward to the July update for a mechanism to optionally turn off redacting altogether.
      Thanks for the workaround.


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        It is a known issue, and it will be fixed in version 8.3.1.