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Disable Save Action When Clicking on Signature Field

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  • Disable Save Action When Clicking on Signature Field

    I have a form Signature Field with a Mouse Up Action to do the following...

    var PN = this.getField("cbPartNumber").value;
    var JN = this.getField("tfJobNo").value;
    var SN = this.getField("tfSerialNo").value;
    var DF = this.getField("DateField").value;

    this.saveAs("/d/dropbox/precise/forms/savelocation/" + PN + " " + JN + " " + SN + " " + DF + ".pdf");

    This works perfectly but unfortunately it seems the default action after placing a signature is for the pdf to save. Since the above JS already accomplished this, I get an "Overwrite existing file?" prompt.

    Is there any way via Foxit or JS to disable this default save action? (BTW, I tried the "Nothing happens when signed" selection in the signed tab of the Signature Properties window and it still wants to save again.)

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    highrise955 Could you send us a demo form file to have a check? You could send the document to and add the subject 'Attnoris' so that I could take over the email. Please provide below information as well.
    1 Version of Foxit PhantomPDF you are using, which you could find under Help -- About Foxit PhantomPDF.
    2 Screenshot to show the "Overwrite existing file?" prompt.
    3 What do you want to achieve with the JS you provided?