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ERR105 while trying to activate product with a Key

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  • ERR105 while trying to activate product with a Key


    We've purchased 10 PhantomPDF licenses for which we have received and activation key. I was trying to activate the license. After inputting the key and a user name, a message box displays: "This program can only be activated using the registry key of the language lang_es-419. Error code:ERR105" (the message is in spanish, I'm translating it here).

    I've noticed that the language pack lang_es-419 is already the one selected with the green mark in preferences / languages.

    What can I do to to activate the product?

    Since I only received a single key, I'm assuming it can be used up to 10 times. If I must be using a different key for each computer, let me know.

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    Seen from the error message indicated, I suspect you have installed the wrong version, the code you have should only work for English version.
    Could you please send your activation code or order number to so we can have a check and further advise, thank you.


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      I set the language to lang_en_us as the default and could activate the product. Didn't know the key was language dependant. Thanks for the help.