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    Is there anyway to have excel vba control FoxIt so you can export a PDF to excel in the background?
    What I'm trying to do:
    I have a spread sheet in excel that gets its data from PDF files. I would like to be able to choose a pdf from excel, have it open up in Foxit and export the PDF into excel.
    Although I could just open up the PDF in FoxIt and copy/paste the excel export into excel. I would like to skip this step and just open the PDF in excel and export and copy/paste the data into excel using VBA. Since I'm doing a large number of PDF's exports.

    I've loaded the FoxitPhantom 1.0 Type Libarary in my VBA Project in excel but I don't see a PDF to Excel export class in the libarary.

    Any help would be apprecaited.

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    Dear codymonster,

    In our existing version of Foxit PhantomPDF,it still doesn't support VBA scripts.The VBA scripts support has already been implemented in our internal version of Foxit PhantomPDF 9.0.
    If you want to give this new feature a try before we release the official formal version 9.0,please email to support@foxitsoftware (Attn:Lisa) to request a internal version 9.0 of Foxit PhantomPDF installer.And indicate this thread link when you mail to us. Thank you.