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Questions about use of PhantomPDF or Foxit Reader

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  • Questions about use of PhantomPDF or Foxit Reader

    I currently have a solution and workflow for scanning documents on my Mac, and I'm migrating to Windows and trying to find something that will work on Windows 10 since my current solution is Mac only.

    The workflow I want is the following:
    - Insert a multipage document in the scanner and hit a button on the scanner to start the scanning process.
    - Document is converted to searchable PDF, named with a date/time/sequence file name, and then insert into an intake folder.
    - Periodically, I will manually use search/display tools to move PDF files into my filing folders.
    - At any point, I want to be able to search and find a receipt, report, bill, etc.. based on search argument; or via finding in a folder.

    I am trying out an Epson ES-400 printer which is TWAIN compliant. The software that came with the scanner will scan automatically when I hit a button on the scanner, but there is about a 20 second lag before it scans; and its not doing the OCR automatically, and has no search abilities. I can manually use ABBYY to do the OCR, but don't see a way to automate. And my only tool for search and organization is Windows Explorer.

    Can I use PhantomPDF to achieve what I'm looking for? In particular, can it do the scan based on a button push and then OCR automatically so that the file is then indexed.

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    Dear Convergent,

    Thanks for your post.According to your request,you may give our Foxit PhantomPDF a try.Our most current version 8.3 of Foxit PhantomPDF
    could be downloaded below:

    And when you scan PDF file,please check the option"Make searchable(run OCR) in the scan dialog box,then the texts in the scanned PDF file will be OCRed into editable and searchable automatically during the scanning.
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