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Excel chart flickering due to add-in

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  • Excel chart flickering due to add-in

    Every time I selected some data on a chart in Excel 2016 (the chart was a 'Scatter with straight lines' chart, in case that is relevant), the options that usually pop-up on the side of the chart (Chart Elements, Chart Styles, Chart Filters) were constantly flickering. I discovered that this issue was resolved by disabling the Foxit PDF add-in in Excel. To disable this add in you have to follow these steps:

    1) Go to: File -> Options -> Add-ins.
    2) At the bottom where it says 'Manage:', select 'COM Add-ins'.
    3) Click 'Go...'
    4) Uncheck 'Foxit PDF Creator COM Add-in'
    5) Click 'OK'.

    That will have disabled the add-in.

    In the past I've had serious issues with the Foxit Phantom PDF Excel add-in which led to Excel being unusable until I disabled the add-in, e.g. Excel would crash when going into a different worksheet. Generally speaking the Excel add-in seems more trouble than it is worth as it seems to create issues on all the computers I have ever tried it on.

    This isn't meant to be poo-pooing anyone's work - I think Foxit is great. I'm just feeding back the technical problems I've encountered when I've used the software in the hope that this can be fixed in future and/or that this information might be relevant to others.

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    jonesy1289 ,this issue you mentioned has already been rectified in our latest version 8.3.1 of Foxit PhantomPDF.Please help to update your existing Foxit PhantomPDF to the latest version 8.3.1 at your convenience. You may download our most current version of Foxit PhantomPDF from our official download center below: