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Searching folders for PDF files that have NOT been OCR'd

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  • Searching folders for PDF files that have NOT been OCR'd

    Is there a way to use PhantomPDF to search a folder for PDF files that have NOT been OCR'd and are therefore not searchable?

    I have multiple folders containing PDF files from various sources, some of which are searchable, others not. I need to be able to find the PDF files that are not searchable so that I may OCR them. I will then be able to search multiple files (entire folders) for specific text and know that all the files have been properly searched.

    I know that I can bring up each file individually in PhantomPDF and it will tell me via the LightBulb that it needs to be OCR'd, but I would like to do this in bulk.

    Thanks for any tips or suggestions!

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    Foxit PhantomPDF does not have such function to tell if a folder is 'searchable' or not.


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      If PhantomPDF knows whether an individual file has been OCR'd (it brings up the "Recognize Text" box if the file has not been OCR'd), then it should be possible to develop a routine to scan multiple files and produce a list. The files that have not been OCR'd could then be scanned in bulk. Could this been an "enhancement" request?


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        Thank you for your suggestion. I have forwarded your request to our team, they will consider it in future version.Report ID:Phantom-8978.