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  • "A website wants to open web content..."

    "...using this program on your computer."

    First post here. I recently bought and installed Foxit PhantomPDF for a Windows 7 PC. Every time I open a new tab, I get a pop-up from Internet Explorer 11 giving me this warning. This is what it looks like:

    Click image for larger version

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    This is really annoying, but I'm hesitant about simply telling it to stop showing me the warning. Does anybody know what this is about? More importantly, is Foxit PhantomPDF reading every webpage that I visit, otherwise why would it be trying to "open" web content every single time I go to a new site?

    Thanks for any information you can share.

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    Sorry for the trouble. To enhance online security, Microsoft introduced an Enhanced Protected Mode (EPM) in Internet Explorer 10 and later. Because of certain restrictions EPM enforces, displaying a PDF in IE with Foxit browser plugin can require turning off EPM. Some versions of IE had EPM enabled by default, so you may get the security warning message.

    The suggest "Supports to load web pdf in IE using Foxit IE plugin under IE Enhanced Protected Mode without warning message popup" have been reported to our team, they will consider it, ID:Phantom-3454

    Now may I suggest you to disable the Enhanced Protected Mode in IE option, or just click on the option"Do not show me the warning for this program again" in the security message, you will not get the message?


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      Hi Lyndi, Thank you for the information. Just to be sure, I do NOT have Enhanced Protected Mode turned on in IE11. The issue of the constant PhantomPDF Creator warnings has to do with regular Protected Mode. Disabling the PhantomPDF Create Toolbar (and the Create Toolbar Helper) under Manage Add-ons, makes the problem go away. But of course I would rather keep this add-on enabled. Before deciding to just click on "Do not show me the warning again", I did some reading about Protected Mode and found this page on the MSDN site: which contains useful information, both for the developers of add-ons and for users of Internet Explorer.


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        UPDATE: I seem to have solved the problem with Internet Explorer and the Foxit plug-in. I was using a beta build (712) of the anti-ransomware software HitmanPro.Alert, which after installing Foxit was making Firefox crash repeatedly. After uninstalling build 712 and installing an earlier version 604, not only did the Firefox problem go away but also the above issue with Internet Explorer. Things are good again!


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          Most of the time when it comes to pop up, high chances that your computer is infected with malwares. So try to scan and see if that's the case, at least to be sure so you can eliminate the possibilities one by one in order to find the source.


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            Thank you for your info. We hope to collect some information from you, which is important for further troubleshooting:
            1. Do you get the security warning message when you open a new tab or any websites. like
            2. Please run IE, go to Tools>Internet Options>Security, make a screenshot of the box, and send us.
            3. Would you please send us the the download link of HitmanPro.Alert beta build(712)? We build same system, and test the issue.


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              Thanks for following up on this issue. Here are answers to your questions:
              1. Yes. During the whole time I had that build 712 installed, I kept getting the warning message every time I opened a new tab or website. Sometimes it happened even if I merely had tabs open to websites (maybe they were refreshing?).
              2. Below after answer #3 is a screenshot of the IE11 Security tab.
              3. Here's the link to that beta build:

              Click image for larger version

Name:	IE11 Security.jpg
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              And here are links to a discussion of the problem and related issues on an "official" HitmanPro.Alert forum:

              Hope this helps.


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                Thank you for your reply. After install HitmanPro.Alert beta build(712) on my side, but do not reproduce the issue.
                And according to the discussion, I think that beta build for HitmanPro.Alert causes the issue, any ideas?