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Adding Formatted Page Numbers to Header/Footer

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  • Adding Formatted Page Numbers to Header/Footer

    It is important to have the page numbering in the Header/Footer match the visual formatted page numbers of the PDF (as shown in the navigation panel page view).

    When Adding page numbers to the Header/Footer there is only an option to insert page number, define the starting number and change the format to one of the following:
    • 1
    • 1 of n
    • 1/n
    • Page 1
    • Page 1 of n

    It would be significantly useful to be able to add the actual defined page number as seen on the PDF rather than the physical PDF page. This means that once the page number has been defined or updated using the "Format Page Numbering" it can be automatically updated and reflected in the Header or Footer as desired.

    A work around would be to add the options available in "Format Page Numbering" to be available when formatting page numbers in the Header/Footer, so that you can match roman numerals or page numbers with prefixes, but that seems to be far less efficient that simply reading the page number into the Header/Footer.

    Without this exhaustive manual entry is required by adding new footers per section where prefixes are present (e.g. A-1, A-2) and manually entering any roman numerals (e.g. iii, iv) where required, making this editing almost unjustifiable.

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    I've forwarded your comments as suggestion to Foxit internal features tracking system for PM team's processing. Suggestion ID#: PHANTOM-9245. You may email to with this ID# to track the processing status of this suggestion. Thank you.