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Merge Excel data into an interactive PDF form?

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  • Merge Excel data into an interactive PDF form?

    I will soon be needing a way to merge data from Excel into a pre-existing interactive PDF form. I've identified two open source tools that potentially do this, but I would need to do more testing to be sure they do all I need. I was wondering if PhantomPDF can do this, or otherwise if it is a planned feature for the future? Obviously, it would be much more useful to me to handle this from within PhantomPDF.

    An example of what I might be needing to do is: I would create a form that employees can use to update their address and contact details. I would email the form to all employees once a year, with their existing details in it for them to correct/change and then return to me.

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    Grant Botes

    I'm wondering if the "Import" and "Export" to .xml file feature under "Form" menu in Foxit PhantomPDF is what you're looking for. You may give Foxit PhantomPDF a try and let us know if you have any further questions.


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      I will have a look, but that is doubtful. Import and export is not loading data from an Excel sheet and merging into a form template to create set of merged forms each with an individual file name. But I will look. Thank you.