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Using "Sign & Certify" to sign multiple pages in one document

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  • Using "Sign & Certify" to sign multiple pages in one document


    Is there any way to place your signature on more than one page when using "Sign & Certify", without having to save the document each time?

    It can get very time consuming for documents with many pages if you have to place the signature, type password, then save the file, then place another signature on the next page, password again, re-save the file, and so on..

    Thanks in advance

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    Please open the software->go to "File"-"Preferences"-"Signature"-uncheck "Sign the document immediately after the signature is placed", then you could add multiple signature field without having to save every time. Please give it a try. Thank you.


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      Thanks for your response cherry

      Unfortunately when I try that, after I have placed all of the signature fields, I then still need to go through and sign each signature field on each page separately as it can only sign one signature at a time. This then means that each time I sign, I also need to save a separate document and type the password each time as well . Please see attached screenshot of the message that I get.

      Click image for larger version

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        Currently it is not supported to use "Sign & Certify" to sign multiple pages in one document. But you may use the ink signature instead. (Go to "Protect"->"PDF Sign"->then add one signature on the page, then right-click to choose "Place on Multiple Pages") For using "Sign & Certify" to sign multiple pages in one document, could you please let us know your user scenario and why you need this feature so we could escalate the request as suggestion to PM team for processing? Thank you.